9 Best CRM for Construction Industry You Can Try

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Construction projects usually have various scales, both small and large. With a predetermined budget, construction projects require careful management and punctuality to meet specific standards. Therefore, CRM software is highly needed in the construction industry. Here is the best CRM for construction industry.

A Tips To Choose The Best CRM  for Construction Industry

A professional in the construction industry should look for software to help manage business processes, customer data, sales channels, and support activities in building strong relationships with customers. Ensure the CRM has the following elements before you choose it. 

1. Easy to use

CRM should easily integrate third parties to transfer information and data from other applications. Also, CRM must support collaboration tools so that you can work with special contractors to find the right solution for solving problems.

2. Have tools to support contractor work

CRM for the construction industry must have tools for estimating and reviewing project expenditure budgets and scheduling tools for detailing project time, including time tracking. Also, CRM should have contact management tools for storing contacts and grouping them according to specific criteria.

3. Customizable 

Many projects in construction have different workflows and fields, so the CRM tools should be customizable to create custom workflows and fields that meet project preferences and needs. 

4. Improve Leads Process 

The easier it is for a business to process leads, the easier it will make customers feel. Therefore, CRM should help process charges with simple ease to increase customer satisfaction.

9 Best CRM for Construction Industry 

Based on those features that you need in the construction industry, we have some recommendations that you can choose to support your project and make your daily activities stay organized. 

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the best CRM for construction industry that extends with any service in various fields, such as the Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence. It means Salesforce can support many construction industries for good quality and quantity results. 

This CRM software has many features covering many aspects of the construction business, such as sales collaboration, lead management, and email integration. 

The following lists some of the best features of Salesforce.

  • Contact and account management,
  • Sales performance management,
  • Workflow and Approvals,
  • Sales forecasting.

2. Dataforma

Dataforma is the best CRM for construction industry which has a variety of powerful and easy-to-use features, so it is suitable for various construction businesses, whether small, medium, or large scale.

Teams can manage projects from start to finish, providing comprehensive features such as project tracking, task management, resource allocation, real-time reporting, and collaboration tools.

Some of the best Dataforma features are:

  • Warranty management,
  • Document storage,
  • Scheduling tool to manage all tasks, projects, and events,
  • Customer portal to provide a personalized experience,
  • Lead tracking.

3. Leap

Are you someone who likes to improvise to find the simplest workflow in your construction project? Leap is the most appropriate CRM choice! It can be customized to your business needs and preferences. 

CRM tools in this software help you track all customer interactions. Online sales and marketing features also help you attract new customers and promote your business.

You can benefit from Leap’s features below for your operation:

  • Estimating, quoting, and scheduling tools,
  • Instant proposals and contracts,
  • Dashboard work center,
  • Customizable workflow manager,
  • Automated emails and sales.

4. Best CRM for Construction Industry: FCS

FCS is a platform to help commercial roofing contractors build productive and long-term relationships with their customers by providing a standardized business model.

This software can log data in real-time from any device, allowing technicians to complete work quickly and efficiently. Peek at the features it offers for your business as follows. 

  • Inspection Recommendation Template,
  • FCS Support Portal Account,
  • a high-level overview of key metrics through Homepage,
  • Sales, service, and production equipment,
  • Follow-up CRM integration.

5. Jobnimbus

JobNimbus is a cloud-based CRM and project management software designed to help construction industry teams simplify their operations. With JobNimbus, users can manage contacts, create tasks, track progress in real-time, receive notifications, collaborate with team members and clients, create invoices and reports, and more.

This software incorporates beneficial features to help you manage your customer relationships. 

  • Provides real-time price information from Beacon Pro+,
  • Charging estimate template,
  • A communication tool to track sales,
  • Workflow board.

6. Jobba

Another great roofing CRM app for construction companies is Jobba. The platform is designed to help commercial roofing contractors and the larger roofing community generate new business, build stronger customer relationships, and save valuable time by automating manual processes.

Some of Jobba’s perks are:

  • Estimate sales delivery accurately,
  • Multiplying inspections,
  • Keeping service on schedule,
  • Provide every detail about the project to the staff.

7. Acculynk

If you are an active construction worker and often visit various construction sites, then Acculynx is the right choice and can be the best CRM for construction industry. 

This CRM tool has a mobile app that supports iOS and Android so that all documents can be accessed and edited by all teams on the go. This tool also has roofing CRM and sales features to manage work-related data effectively.

The platform also provides a centralized location to organize all job contacts with the necessary information, including interaction history with each reference in the job file.

Available in iOS and Android system operations, Acculynk allows you to employ the  following tasks:

  • Text messages and emails,
  • Lead management to prioritize follow-up,
  • Estimates, contracts, and electronic signatures to assist the sales process.

8. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is one of the best CRM for construction industry, with powerful set-up tools to manage multiple construction projects and help you to stay organized in those projects. 

With Pipedrive, teams can quickly get updates on project milestones, track deals, and receive notifications when tasks are due. The platform also allows teams to share important documents and files securely. 

Some of Pipedrive’s best features: 

  • Contact or account history, including emails, calls, notes, and meetings. 
  • Estimated revenue based on sales channels.
  • Team activity and collaboration reminders.
  • Segments lead to the creation of personalized and targeted communications.
  • Drag and drop interface to quickly update deal status.

9. Unanet CRM 

If you want to build good relationships with new or old clients, Unanet could be the best CRM choice! Unanet is a CRM product that can help improve and simplify customer relationship management processes in your projects.

These tools enable users to simplify customer tracking and communications and automate sales and marketing activities.

Some of Unanet CRM’s beneficial features for the construction industry are:

  • Chart of Accounts and accounting functions,
  • Chart of Accounts and accounting functions,
  • Revenue Mode view to manage the sales pipeline,
  • Timesheet and expense report templates,
  • A document management tool,
  • Resource management.

Choose Your Version of the Best CRM for Construction Industry

So that’s all about the best CRM for construction industry that you can choose to help and support your construction projects. Every CRM software has its uniqueness, pros, and cons. Make sure you select the correct software that meets your needs. 

Not all CRM software is created to manage construction projects with quite complex tasks. In contrast to CRM in other industries, in the construction industry, CRM software must focus on software adoption and usage.