A List of Car Insurance Quotes Telephone Numbers

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Are you going to insure your car? First, make sure you already have several choices of car insurance companies. Collecting information about each company is crucial since you should find the best one. An effective way to collect data is through phone calls. Fortunately, we have listed the car insurance quotes telephone numbers below.  

What are Car Insurance Quotes Telephone Numbers?

Each car insurance company has different regulations and prices. Therefore, when you are about to insure your car, you should learn about what the company offers first. The aspects to learn can be various, starting from terms and conditions, the coverage offered, and detailed information about prices or discounts.

In order to compare each company by analyzing their products, you may come to their offices directly or talk to agents. However, if you do not have enough time for it, let’s just make it through a phone call. Providing you with these car insurance quotes telephone numbers below is our solution for you. 

Car Insurance Quotes Telephone Numbers: Reasons to Over The Phone

There are several ways to compare car insurers. However, doing it by phone is one of everyone’s favorite choices since it provides them with many benefits. So, what are the reasons to call insurers through a phone call? 

1. You Do Not Need to Travel Around

Visiting insurance agents and doing a little research on their products might be so tiring. However, when you do it by phone, means that you can save your energy a lot. The process will be quicker since you do not need to travel around. 

All you need to do is just relax on your relaxed chair and ask for the information you need to know. Therefore, searching for car insurance quotes telephone numbers might be helpful. 

2. Talk Directly to Agents for Further Consideration

Another benefit of doing a phone call to compare car insurance companies is you are able to talk and share with agents directly. It is obviously more beneficial than doing it through a website or online. 

Why so? The reason is that when you do it through a website, you can only check the quotes, without having any chance to share things with the experts. Then, this condition will be harder when you find some obstacles and you do not have anyone to talk to. 

Meanwhile, when you do it through a phone call, it is still possible to talk to agents. Therefore, you can ask about difficult terms, unknown regulations, share any obstacles you found during the registration process, and more. 

3. Receive Quotes in Minutes

The last reason why you should do a phone call to car insurers is that quotes can be easily received in minutes. When you do it through a website, you might also get quotes quickly. However, you can not handle it when any error or connection trouble happens.

Other than that, some people who are not familiar with the internet prefer to do a phone call and talk to a real person instead of a system. In conclusion, having car insurance quotes telephone numbers is actually crucial since this way provides you both, an expert to talk to and a quick process of registration.  

Car Insurance Quotes Telephone Numbers: A Guidance for Drivers

In the following list, we will not only inform you about car insurance quotes telephone numbers, but also additional information about how the company and its products mostly work. 

1. Geico

When you look for a car insurer with the lowest prices, then come to Geico. Since you have to pay a premium monthly, so make sure you do not mind doing it. Then, the alternative from us is to choose the cheapest one, with Geico on our top suggested list.

Another interesting thing is, Geico might be the best car insurer for drivers with poor credits. In other companies, the rates tend to be more expensive, but in Geico, they make it cheaper. In addition, Geico also offers the best rates for senior and younger drivers which mostly have the highest rates in other insurers. 

  • Phone Number: (800) 8413005


From Geico, now we have USAA. Compared to the previous one, USAA actually offers lower prices. However, what makes Geico more suggested than USAA? It is because USAA is so exclusive and available for military groups only. This includes their relatives and family members as well. 

Besides its lowest price, USAA is also known for its best service to customers. The company gains fewer complaints and tops a lot of customer satisfaction online surveys.  

  • Phone Numbers: (800) 5318722

3. New Jersey Manufacturers (NJM)

The third one on the car insurance quotes telephone numbers list is New Jersey Manufacturers (NJM). This insurance company serves the best when it comes to cars. 

It is already proven that the insurer always ranks in the top 4 of customer satisfaction surveys. In addition, their average rates of car insurance also result in affordable levels. 

Moreover, NJM also offers many kinds of additional coverage, such as pet coverage. This coverage works to pay for veterinary when your pet is injured in a car accident. However, so far NJM is only available in five states, including New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. 

  • Phone Number: (800) 2326600

4. Nationwide

Similar to Geico, Nationwide is the best choice when it comes to car insurance for drivers with poor credit. Their affordable prices offered benefit many people so they can register theirs without having any doubts. 

In addition, based on a policyholders survey, Nationwide also scores the best in the category of customer satisfaction and claims handling. Unfortunately, the rate of Nationwide minimum coverage for car insurance is a bit higher than others. The gap is not too wide, so it is actually still affordable as well.

  • Phone Number: (877) 6696877

5. American Family

The last on the list we have American Family. What makes American Family on the list is that this insurer shines the most with its various discounts. For example, you can save more money by insuring multiple vehicles at the same time. 

Moreover, several discounts are also available, such as discounts for old customers’ loyalty and drivers who have completed driving courses. Last but not least, American Family also has an application to monitor your driving history. When you drive well, another special discount is available to save you more on premium payments. 

  • Phone Number: (800) 6926326

Have You Checked The Car Insurance Quotes Telephone Numbers?

Providing you with car insurance quotes telephone numbers is one of our commitments to help you look for the best insurer. Make sure to call as many as you can and compare them to find the suitable one. Then, you can relax for a while but still be able to get car insurance to cover your needs! Isn’t it beneficial?