5 Recommendations of the Houston Brain Injury Lawyer


Are you or someone you know dealing with a brain injury case in Houston? Finding the right lawyer to help in this challenging situation is important. In this article, we’ll explore the recommendations for the Houston brain injury lawyer. Explore the details in the explanation below!

What Is Brain Injury?

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke,  a brain injury is a condition that happens when the brain is hurt because of a strong hit. For instance an accident like a fall, medical error, or another traumatic event. 

Each year, about 1.7 million people get these kinds of injuries, and most of them, about 70%, are at mild levels.

People who suffer those injuries experience different symptoms. Mild symptoms of the most serious type of brain injury, like concussions, can make it hard for someone to do everyday things. Some immediate symptoms reported by people with brain injuries that might lead to long-term problems include:

  • blurry vision;
  • trouble speaking clearly;
  • feeling sick and throwing up;
  • seizures; or
  • difficulty keeping balance.

6 Common Causes of Brain Injury

These are some common reasons why people get hurt in a way that affects their brains. Check out the most common causes of brain injuries, as follows.

  • Cars, trucks, and motorcycle accidents especially when the head forcefully hits the skull due to sudden movement (whiplash).
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents.
  • Sports injuries from contact sports such as football, rugby, and soccer.
  • Falls where the head hits the ground.
  • Workplace accidents.
  • Medical mistakes.

What Is the Role of a Houston Brain Injury Lawyer?

This term refers to a legal professional who specializes in supporting those who are impacted by brain injuries, especially in the Houston area. Basically, they possess a deep understanding of the intricate medical and legal aspects of such cases. 

These lawyers commonly serve as advocates by guiding individuals and families through the legal process with expertise and empathy. Accordingly, their role is multi-faceted in seeking justice and compensation. For instance, gathering evidence to negotiate with insurance companies or representing clients in court.

5 Recommendations of the Houston Brain Injury Lawyer

Below are some of the best recommendations for brain injury attorneys in the Houston area that you may consider to help you.

1. Alfred Firm Trial Lawyers

Lawyers at The Alfred Firm in Houston have helped many people in Houston get the compensation they deserve after a brain injury. Therefore, if you’re stressed about difficulties caused by a brain injury through an accident, they can support you in gaining compensation or indemnification. 

Fortunately, they only charge fees if you win your case, so you don’t have to pay upfront. In addition, their team will also take care of all the legal stuff so you can concentrate on recovering from your brain injury.

You can call The Alfred Firm at (713) 470-9714 to set up a free meeting with a skilled brain injury lawyer in Houston. During this consultation, you can talk about your situation and get advice from a legal expert who knows about brain injuries and the law.

2. Baumgartner Law Firm

Founded by attorney Greg Baumgartner, the firm focuses on representing individuals injured in accidents, such as car collisions, truck accidents, and other personal injury claims. They strive to provide legal assistance and support to those seeking compensation for their injuries and losses.

This Houston brain injury lawyer has a track record of securing significant compensation for their clients. Moreover, these experts will cover various areas such as future medical costs, accident reconstruction, finances, neurology, and other medical fields. 

Furthermore, they have also helped many clients with moderate to severe head injuries that result in substantial settlements. Hence, to discuss your rights, you can contact them at (281) 587-1111 for a consultation to make sure you have the proper compensation.

3. Terry Bryan Accident and Injury Law

Terry Bryant Law Firm mainly specializes in brain injury cases to help severely injured individuals obtain compensation for their medical costs and losses. Their experienced team handles complex cases such as fighting vigorously for maximum compensation, whether through settlement negotiations or trial representation. 

The firm’s focus on brain injury cases stems from an understanding of the multifaceted challenges these injuries pose, not just legally but also emotionally and financially. Terry Bryant’s team also offers both legal expertise and a supportive network to clients’ well-being during difficult times.

In addition, they highlight their extensive experience, successful track record, and compassionate approach. Therefore, if you’re planning to consult with them, you can contact them at 713-973-8888 to seek legal service help.

4. Patrick Daniel Law

The lawyers at Patrick Daniel Law have a strong record of winning tough cases where people have had brain injuries. They’ve also won cases related to brain injuries caused by numerous variables, including car crashes, or accidents at work.

Their success comes from carefully preparing cases and being very determined to get good outcomes. Besides, they spend time going through all the details by finding who is responsible and gathering evidence to support their case. 

For that reason, you can begin by having your brain injury case reviewed for free. So, contact them at (713) 999-6666 today. Eventually, their lawyers will help you in the bigger Houston area, across Texas, and also from all over the country.

5. Gibson Hill Personal Injury Attorney 

This Houston brain injury lawyer focuses on handling cases where people have been hurt, including those with traumatic brain injuries. They usually assisted many clients in standing up for their legal rights after an injury. 

The founders, Ty Gibson and Brett Hill have dedicated nearly ten years to dealing with all kinds of injury cases. Hence, it leads them to successful outcomes for clients and to be recognized in the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 list.

You can call them at (713) 489-1317 to learn how they can assist you in getting the best compensation possible. Accordingly, they’ll set up a free meeting to talk about your situation and give you advice on the options that might work best for you. 

Call a Houston Brain Injury Lawyer If You Need Help Immediately!

If you or someone you know has experienced a brain injury due to an accident or medical issue in the Houston area, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. The Houston brain injury lawyer you choose to work with will support you and guide you through the legal process. 

Hence, getting assistance promptly can make a big difference in getting the help and compensation you deserve.