The Complete Guide on How to Change Service Address Spectrum

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Whether you’re moving to a new home or simply need to update your service location, navigating the process with your Spectrum internet, cable, or phone service can be a breeze. You must know how to change the service address spectrum properly.

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth transition to your new address without any hiccups. Dive in and discover how to properly update your Spectrum service address and stay connected wherever you go. Let’s begin!

What’s Spectrum?

Charter Communications, Inc. is the driving force behind Spectrum’s Products and Services, offering a diverse range of cutting-edge broadband solutions. Spectrum TV, Spectrum Internet, and Spectrum Voice are just a few of the advanced services we provide.

Additionally, Spectrum Business offers customized broadband communication solutions for businesses. It offers Internet access, video, data networking, telephone, and music streaming services as well as wireless backhaul.

What Services from Spectrum Can You Transfer to A New Address?

You have the flexibility to move and transfer all of your current Spectrum services to your new location. These services include TV, Voice or Home Phone, and Spectrum Internet. Now that we know the services that can be moved, let’s dig more into the process if you want to know how to change the service address spectrum.

Are There Fees When Changing Spectrum Services?

The fees associated with transferring your Spectrum services vary depending on the types of services being moved and whether you are eligible for self-installation. To gain clarity on the fees and how to avoid being charged, let’s break it down here!

1. Transfer Fee

When moving your services to a new location, Spectrum typically charges current customers $9.99 for the transfer. However, this fee may vary based on your state. To schedule the transfer, call 1-855-363-4906.

Subsequently, the fee will be added to your next month’s service bill. Subscribers of Spectrum must schedule service transfers at least two weeks before their moving date.

2. Installation Fee

In some cases, current customers may be charged an installation fee even if they already have the necessary equipment. This one-time payment of $49.99 is applicable if a technician is required to visit your new location for wiring purposes.

The technician’s visit is also necessary if the service hasn’t been moved within 30 days of disconnection from the previous address.

3. Wi-Fi Activation Fee

For most Spectrum Internet clients moving to a new address, there is a one-time $9.99 Wi-Fi activation fee. However, this fee does not apply to Spectrum’s TV and Voice customers.

Eligibility for Self-Installation

To avoid paying the installation fee, you can opt for self-installation if you are eligible for the DIY option. If your move is local, such as to a new house nearby, you may be eligible to install your new services for free. Ensure that you confirm your eligibility with Spectrum beforehand.

How to Change Service Address Spectrum? 

You need to know that relocating your Spectrum services from one address to another can be accomplished in no time—less than an hour. Follow these simple steps if you want to know how to change the service address spectrum! 

1. Notify Spectrum

Once you’ve decided to move, the first step is to inform Spectrum about your relocation. To initiate the process, call the department at 855-363-4902. There, you can find skilled professionals to assist you in handling your move request effectively.

It’s important to note that they can accommodate requests from Spectrum Internet, TV, and Voice clients. Alternatively, you can choose to chat with a Spectrum representative, through their website, to make the process even more convenient.

However, keep in mind that chatting may involve longer wait times due to higher demand compared to regular phone calls. If you prefer a traditional approach, you can visit a nearby Spectrum store that allows you to speak directly with in-store representatives, who can assist you with your move.

2. Disassemble and Return Equipment

Next, depending on the devices and equipment you currently possess, you might need to disassemble and prepare some items that the Spectrum representative will advise you to bring to your new address.

In certain situations, instead of relocating the equipment, you may be required to return them to Spectrum through UPS. If this is the case, you need to be calm because the Spectrum representative will assist you and provide clear instructions as well as support to ensure an easy process.

3. Confirm and Record the Transaction

After it’s completed, submit the request, schedule the move, and receive the necessary instructions from the Spectrum representative. It’s time to finalize the transaction. Request a recap from the representative to ensure you have all the important details accurately noted down.

Ensure to list all the instructions provided, take note of the move date, and record essential information about the services that will be transferred. Additionally, if there are any applicable fees, you need to make a note. Having all this information recorded will help ensure a smooth and well-documented transition to your new address.

4. Obtain a Reference Number

As a final step, ensure to request a reference number from the Spectrum specialist handling your transaction. This reference number will serve as proof of your conversation and offer reassurance in case any issues arise.

To streamline the process, it’s advisable to notify Spectrum about your move at least two weeks before the scheduled date. This early notification allows them to prepare and assist you efficiently. You can check available internet services to organize equipment transfers.

As mentioned in the previous step, you have the option to either move the equipment yourself or return it to Spectrum. If you choose to return the equipment, they can arrange to provide new equipment on the day of your move.

Now, You Know How to Change Service Address Spectrum!

Spectrum is a broadband provider that prioritizes making every move as smooth and effortless as possible. They acknowledge that changing their services can be challenging, and to assist customers, they even offer resources.

By having understood the process of transferring Spectrum’s internet, voice, and cable broadband services from one residence to another during a relocation. You are now equipped with the necessary information.